Company Introduction

The good news: on-line store is launching in the New Year belongs to Shenzhen Kiwi Lighting Co. , Ltd., which is the leading wholesaler and exporter of LED Light products in China. Our main products are different LEDs, such as High Power LEDs, LED Driver, LED Lens, LED Heatsink, LED Strips, Prewired LEDs, Home & Garden LED Lighting, LED Dimmers & Controllers etc. We have good reputation among our customers around the world.
Besides, we are a reliable company with the following highlights:

1. Low Minimum Order Quantity
You can try our first class services by initially purchasing in small quantities. Most of our merchandise can be initially purchased in single units as a sample product and also at sample prices.

2. Real Factory-Direct Prices
We are within 1 hour to most of our manufacturers and their factories to keep our procurement and logistics cost way down. Our collective buying power and ability to assemble directly from parts and components when needed ensure a rock bottom purchase cost. The saving is passed directly to our customers as their profit.

3. Get Price Quotes & Track Orders 24/7
Prices are quoted online in real-time based on customer order history, quantity, geographical location. Product prices are also updated as often as every 2 hours. Anyone can get real-time price quotes, place and track order 24/7, and chat with us for more details anytime anywhere with a browser.

4. Simplify Imports for LEDs
We automate export/import procedures and offer global order tracking to save customers valuable time and money.
Importing LEDs and accessories is as simple as buying from local distributors. Our highly transparent online platform keep customers informed 24/7 of new products, prices updates, and their status, all in real-time, and from anywhere.

5. Dropship Worldwide
We dropship worldwide for our customers and virtually eliminate their logistics cost. Best of all, we do that for free.
This is a life-saving service for start-up retailers and e-tailers. Many of our customers are eBay sellers or small e-tailers from various countries.

6. Value-Added Services
We offer custom products services even with small quantity orders. This enable customers to create promotional gifts and get exact what they want.

7. Flexible Payment
To accommodate different customer needs, we offer flexible payment methods, including major, PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union, Wire Transfer (T/T).

8.Fast delivery for wholesale from China
We use FedEx, DHL, UPS and EMS etc.. From China to major destinations like US, Europe Australia and Canada etc. it only takes 2 to 5 business days.

9. Product Quality Guarranteed
Our internal Quality Assurance (QA) procedure ensures a 0.1% or less reported defect average. This is a very high quality standard and is at least 20 times better than average China factories can do. The product quality is further backed by our warranty.

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