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T-1000S SD Card 2048 Pixel LED Controller Support IC LPD6803 TM1903 DMX512

  • Products Model #: BY-CON-T1000S
  • Manufactured by: TopLedLight
  • Category: LED Controller
  • Retail price: US$39.99
  • Wholesale Price: 34.99

  • MOQ: 1 PCS, In Stock , 149 Units in Stock
  • Net Weight: 288 gram(s)
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      Product Description



      • 1、32—256 Gray,Support software Gamma correction。
      • 2、Support the rules and special-shaped handle.
      • 3、Single-port output,can support 2048 lights。
      • 4、Off-line(SD Card) control, play back content stored in the SD card.
      • 5、T-1000S store a maximum of 16 programs,copy multiple files to the SD card in order, after formatting the SD card as “FAT” format.
      • 6、The program must be named in orders . Ex. :00_1.led, 01_1.led, 02_1.led.
      • 7、Compatible with single line or double line chips.


      • 1. When T-1000S controller less than 512 pixels the frame rate can reach 30fps. When T-1000S control more than 512 pixels the frame rate will slow down automatically.
      • 2. T-1000S must use the new software LedEdit 2012.

      Support chips

      Chip model

      Control mode for software



      LPD6803,D705,1101,6909, 6912 T-1000-6803 2048 pixels
      LPD8806,LPD8809 T-1000-8806 2048 pixels
      TM1803,TM1804,TM1809,TM1812 T-1000-TM 2048 pixels TM1804 and TM1809 are divided into high and low
      TM1903,TM1904,TM1909,TM1912 T-1000-TM19 2048 pixels
      UCS6909,UCS6912,UCS7009,UCS5903 T-1000-UCS-32 2048 pixels
      UCS1903,UCS1909,UCS1912 T-1000-UCS-256 2048 pixels 1903 and 1909 are divided into high and low
      UCS3903 T-1000-UCS-1024 2048 pixels
      DMX512 T-1000-DMX 170/512 pixels Compatible with standard DMX512
      WS2801,WS2803 T-1000-WS 2048 pixels
      WS2811 T-1000-WS2811 2048 pixels WS2811 be divided into high and low
      DS189 T-1000-DS189 2048 pixels
      TLS3001,TLS3002,TLS3008 T-1000-TLS * pixels
      P9813 T-1000-P9813 2048 pixels
      SM16715 T-1000-SM16715 2048 pixels SM16715 be divided into high and low
      SM16716 T-1000-SM16716 2048 pixels
      BS0901,BS0902 T-1000-0901 2048 pixels
      BS0815 T-1000-0815 2048 pixels

      Definition of printing and buttons

      NOTE:For the TTL(SPI) signal, the controller signal ground must connect to the LED ground directly.

      Mode of connection

      • 1. Multiple T-1000S controllers can be cascaded together and work synchronous.
      • 2. T-1000S one TTL(SPI) signal and one RS485 signal port output,can control 2048 pixels;
      • 3. When the chip for LED is single line chip just with data, then just need to be connected with DAT and GND of the controller. If the chip for LED is double line chip with DAT and CLK, then need to be connected with DAT, CLK, and GND of the controller.
      • 4. If you need to use RS485 signal you need to connect controller A with LED A (DMX+), controller B with LED B(DMX-),
      • 5. When you need to built a new project the controller type for the software is:T-1000-IC model.

      Name of the program(The rule of how to name the programs)

      The name for NO.2 controller

      • “00_1.led” --------- NO.1 program for No.1 controller
      • “01_1.led” --------- NO.2 program for No.1 controller
      • “02_1.led” --------- NO.3 program for No.1 controller
      • ……
      • “15_1.led” --------- NO.16 program for No.1 controller

      The name for NO.2 controller

      • “00_2.led” --------- NO.1 program for No.2 controller
      • “01_2.led” --------- NO.2 program for No.2 controller
      • “02_2.led” --------- NO.3 program for No.2 controller
      • ……
      • “15_2.led” --------- NO.4 program for No.2 controller

      screenshots(Name of the program)


      Special parameters

      Memory card

      • type:SD card(suggest using high-speed SD card)
      • Capacity:128MB—2GB
      • Format:FAT
      • Store file:*.led

      Physical parameters

      • Working temperature :-30℃—85℃
      • Working voltage:DC5V-24V
      • Working power:1W
      • size:L165mm×W80mm×H30mm
      • weight: 0.35KG
      • signal port:3pin connect port


      • Before copy files to SD card ,The SD card must be formatted as FAT format
      • The SD card in controller can not be hot-swappable, plug the SD card every time, you must first disconnect the power supply.

      Trouble shooting

      Question 1:After power, the T-1000S ERROR indicator has been flashing without display output Answer:The ERROR indicator has been flashing means the controller did not read the card correctly, possible problems:
      • ①SD card is empty, with no effect file.
      • ②The effect file in the SD card and the controller model are not match, please choose correct
      • controller model in LedEdit and then re-create the effect file *led.
      • ③SD card did not format to FAT before copy effect files.
      • ④Please check the supply power voltage, the controller can be individually powered to exclude
      • power reasons
      • ⑤Changing the SD card and then test to exclude the possibility of a bad SD card
      Question 2: The controller is powered on, the indicator is normal, but no effect change in lighting Answer: The reasons for this are as follows:
      • ① Check if the lighting′s signal line and the controller connected correctly
      • ② If the TTL signal is received, the lamp and the controller must be common ground, that means connect the lighting′s and the controller′s ground together
      • ③ Check if the model chose during making display files on the SD card match the chips used in the lighting

      Packing List

      Resource Download

      LedEdit 2012 v1.42.rar 45.2MB
      LedEdit 2013 v1.54.rar 48.3MB

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